Technology is all around us, and it is continuously evolving.  Like the new functionalities that get added to apps or being able to search online for information on the shop around the corner. We all benefit from these advancements. The consumer devices have become extremely user friendly and simple to use, that we no longer need training to operate them, nor need to understand the technology under the hood to derive maximum benefit.

The process industry is also undergoing an evolution. We are in times of grey tsunami whereby declining skilled workforce in the instrumentation industry must cope with major advancements in sensor technology, communication, and data processing.

This, to us, was the right time for a revolutionary new approach. With machine learning our next technology is making its entrance into the process industry while FOCUSing on process control. We are starting a revolution! A revolution of insights and dreams in the field of instrumentation and process manufacturing.

Our Legacy

FOCUS-ON is built on the experience of the SAMSON and KROHNE companies. SAMSON, founded in 1907 in Mannheim, Germany, is a specialist in control valves for the process industry. Also originating in flow technology, KROHNE was founded in 1921 in Duisburg, Germany and specializes in process instrumentation. World-class engineering expertise providing a broad product range, extensive sales and service network through many local entities, and commitment to continuity through a family-owned business environment is the common DNA of both the companies.

Even though close cooperation had been ongoing between the companies since years in many areas, it was in 2017 that the CEOs of both companies, Dr. Andreas Widl (SAMSON) and Stephan Neuburger (KROHNE) took the first steps towards an extensive collaboration. This autumn day was the start of our ambitious project – FOCUS, which later evolved into a joint-venture company, FOCUS-ON VoF.

FOCUS-ON combines the experience, knowledge, and network of the valve specialist and the instrumentation specialist into a revolutionary idea (and product) that is supported by a culture built on understanding customer’s needs, fostering partnerships, and driving improvement in process industry, while still acting as a close-knit family.


With our combined experience as main instrumentation and process control equipment vendor, we are aiming to raise the bar for smart field instruments.

Just like any other industry, the process industry has some big challenges. The coming of age of IIoT and Industry 4.0, the grey tsunami of workforce in instrumentation sector, and the ever more available computing power are driving the real need for smart field devices more than ever.

We endeavor to create a total user-focussed approach and experience, from first contact to installation and asset optimization. We put in our best effort to be informed, skilled, fast, and meticulous by tailoring our support to the needs of our clients.

We strive to create the answer to the rapidly increasing knowledge void in the process industry, where our solutions are reliable in function, safe to use, and efficient in increasing plant productivity.

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