Our Values

We believe we bring our technology to its full potential by guiding it through a collaborative process of continuous improvement.

We work hard, every day to justify our reputation as an instrumentation specialist.

We empower people with reliable, high quality solutions that make perfect sense to anyone working with them.

We value family culture and the responsibilities that come with it.


FOCUS-ON wants to realize (contribute to) the full potential of the process industry, improving continuity and efficiency. We envision agile systems to be simple, reliable, efficient, flexible, and safe.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team


I run because it involves staying focussed on a goal, pushing my limits even when it isn’t your best day. Running with others is supporting each other to get the best out of one another.

It’s satisfying, calming, challenging, and requires discipline. This is the time that I can recharge for our energetic work environment, and reflect on many things that drive me – innovation, never accepting as norm being the limit to imagination and making things happen!

ANDRÉ BOER Executive

Spending quality time with my family cycling in nature keeps me well-balanced. Even though I spent my days in office working on the most exciting technologies in the industry, I still need time in the outdoors to counterbalance the stimulating and fast pace environment at FOCUS-ON. While it might be demanding work, which requires me to utilize every skillset I have to push the limits, I still make time to enjoy this success with the ones I love most.

GERWIN HAMENT Manager, Operations

Actively dealing with the elements of nature, the wind and the sea, the feeling of freedom to explore new areas energizes me and keeps me focused. As a team sailing the Beau Geste, I can enjoy the effort needed to succeed a trip or a race, by being in control to change the circumstances, navigating, and trimming the sails to go in the right direction.

As a member of the team, I experience the shared spirit to achieve the goal of developing a disruptive innovation, with needs to focus on the result, and the flexibility to deal with the unexpected issues during this journey.

EELCO VAN HARTEN Innovation Manager

Racing my bike gives me the freedom to determine my own way, to clear my mind, and to train my body to keep me energized. While pushing myself and moving past my limits, I have the stamina needed for the fast pace, continuous improvement, and innovative drive that we experience at FOCUS every single day.

DANA BORCEA Approvals Manager

Going outside my comfort zone and exploring new boundaries is a challenge in itself. When the new becomes familiar, I go a step further. My curiosity pushes me to explore new places where I’ve never been before and which are accessible only if I am well prepared. I love hiking and climbing in the mountains; being in the mountains, surrounded by rocks and old trees where I get a complex variety of sentiments – from freedom, joy to live, love, and respect for the nature and desire to be up high! To be able to reach the top I have to have a plan, I need to be trained and I need to FOCUS–ON each step I make!” The planning and preparation I apply to hiking I also apply in my career.

JUAN KEUZENKAMP Business Development Leader

Playing in the fastest team sport in the world for more than 25 years, I know how amazing it is to be part of a professional team in a fast moving environment. The need to perform at the top of your capabilities day in and day out is what drives me both on and off the ice. With that being said, every athlete knows the importance of a healthy balance between work/sport and family. Since I became a father of two daughters, I noticed the importance of being there for my family and bringing my A game at work every day. With FOCUS-ON we will create a revolution driven by teamwork.

SARMAND MORAD R&D & Data Specialist

The combination of strength, speed, and flexibility combined with good tactical insight can decide the outcome of a fight. Your body, soul, and mind all have to be focused and aligned to become a great boxer. Discipline is not just necessary to become strong and fast enough to win, it is part of the culture that surrounds this sport. All these characteristics are not just in relation to the sport, but in all aspects of my life. During my work I enjoy the challenge we face for creating one of the most innovative products. I am part of a great team who knows how to be agile, who understands the power of aligning goals together for a common direction. We are going through this journey as a team in order to becoming a champion.


Being a part of a Sunday League football team is what fuels my mind and body to help me keep pushing myself beyond my limits. The beauty of the most popular team sport in the world is that it demands efficiency and quick decision making; not only on an individual, but also on a team level. Playing football requires precision, agility, and a well thought strategic approach of the game. The exact same virtues needed to actually deliver results within the 4.0 industry. Thus, within FOCUS-ON, by being precise, agile, and constantly evolving, we keep delivering results while having a well thought plan leading our way to excellence.

STEFAN VAN CASPEL R&D & Data Specialist

My passion for travelling brings me peace and clears my mind from the high demands of everyday life. When meeting other cultures while being surrounded by nature, this gives me freedom, it keeps me curious, it recharges me, it also gives me the energy I need to perform at my best at FOCUS-ON. The healthy balance of calmness of the outdoors and high dynamism at work helps me appreciate the work that I do and pushes me to have a “think-out-the-box” approach to improve the diagnostics of such an innovative device. Since the start of my professional career, I’ve learnt a lot from very experienced colleagues. It’s amazing to be part of a team with such dedication to make this revolution happen.

ATTILA MENYHART Field Asset & Service Coordinator

Triathlon gives me the freedom of choice, the choice between biking, swimming, and running. Just like in the work I do, I have the freedom to choose to work in a team or individually. FOCUS-ON gives me the flexibility to work in an environment where I can give my best. Just as each segment of a long distance race, I need the right conditions for my mind and body, an opportunity to recharge my energy level to finish a race. From a work point of view, this means I need to listen to all of the experiences of my team members, take everyone’s ideas into consideration while I prepare the best product anyone has ever seen! The best part is, at the end you can feel this is (y)our child, and you have taken every measure to bring it to life.

VIJAY KABBOOR Technical Product Specialist

I enjoy being surrounded by water, the tranquility and calmness of the movement and force around me while swimming which rejuvenates me and keeps me stable. It also keeps me on the edge, requires physical toughness, but also a lot of mental focus, agility, flexibility & techniques to move forward especially when you run out of breath. Competitive swimming has not just taught me to survive but also to Thrive! These are the principles I apply even in my professional life at FOCUS-ON. Working with a great team who are focused on building SMART & sturdy process nodes that are agile and flexible at same time by being multifunctional which will change the process industry and thrive in this new digital era..

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